About Chevy Chase Elementary School Class of 1958

Also see the "BCC alumni from our class" page


Latest numbers regarding our class (8/27/2018):

200 (approximately) students were ever in our class, for at least for one grade, K-6.

  • 180 of those 200 have been identified by name, sometimes by just a first name. We estimate that there are about 20 more classmates whose names we have not yet conjured up.  Some of the unidentified faces appear in the kindergarten and first grade photos in the yearbook and at the bottom of the page. Perhaps some of these faces belong to classmates who have already been identified. We don't know. Maybe you can help.
    • 29 of those 180 are known to be or presumed to be deceased
  • 151 are presumed to be living
    • 90 (59% of the known living classmates) are members of the website. In all, 92 have joined but 2 have since passed away.
    • 61 have yet to join. Of these
      • 31 classmates we have some information for, but
      • 30 classmates we have no information for whatsoever.
    • To see who those 61 are, please go to "More info on missing classmates"
  • 120 (approximately) graduated from Rosemary in 1958
  • 68 Graduated from B-CC in 1964
  • 30 the number of official Rosemary photos we have
  • 1 the number of official Rosemary photos we still need: (Mrs. Phillips, gr 4)
  • September, 2014 Search for classmates started
  • January 3, 2015 Website created


Our Class. The class list (click on "Classmate Profiles" at top) is comprised of all who we believe attended Rosemary for any period of time with the class that was to graduate in June of 1958. This includes those who might have skipped or repeated. If you meet this criterion, we are your class. (You might have other credentials as well, but we'll claim you.)

This information is being created anecdotally by identifying faces in class photos in the Rosemary58 Yearbook (published in September, 2015 and distributed at the reunion), as there does not seem to be any official record.  If there's a name that should or shouldn't be there, please help us get things right. We know that there are more names that need to be included. You are the credentials committee -- the collective memory which is going to confirm or question all "facts."

The photos are so valuable. Just from counting heads, we learn that there were at least 118 in our third grade class when our tonette band photo was taken in the spring of 1955. Several class photos have all students identified, but many of the earlier ones are still missing lots of names.

Photo identification is very tedious work with lots of cross referencing and disagreements. Many thanks to those who have helped with this.

Each grade, k-6, had four classes: 7 x 4 =28 photos. We had two kindergarten teachers and each taught a morning and an afternoon session that probably went the entire school year, but we do not have confirmation on this. A January date on the kindergarten photos suggests that there might have been two semesters of kindergarten. We have 27 of the 28 class photos that were taken. We also have the photos for the tonette band, cafeteria patrol, and safety patrol.  30 photos in all. Rosemary is currently configured 3-6 and draws from a wider and more diverse geographical area than when we were there.

Since we were the first year of the baby boomer class, we presume that the classes just before us were smaller, or had perhaps only three teachers per grade. Perhaps we were a bubble class that required hiring a new teacher every year.  It would be interesting to read such a report, but how to get this information remains a mystery. PTA records were not saved and school records are not available. Incidentally, you can view your own individual school record through the Montgomery County school records office in Bethesda.

"And everyone who would have been" covers all the people who did graduate or were poised to graduate from Rosemary in 1958, 70 more than the 120 sixth grade graduates. There are probably about 12 students who have not been identified by name yet, mainly from the earlier grades. So really, our class was about 190 students if you include absolutely everyone, known and unknown. There might be some class of '59 or class of '60 boys in the Safety Patrol photo but it seems that only sixth grader girls were allowed to be in the Cafeteria Patrol.